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Our Story

The Red Rooster Country Store is owned by Karolyn Mundy. Karolyn has always dreamed of opening a place where people can go and remember the simpler times of generations past like the Ike Godsey's Store and Oleson's Mercantile.

Karolyn is from the small town of New Enterprise, Pennsylvania! There her grandfather started a business called Detwiler's Golden Rule Dairy. After years of having the farm, its popularity exploded across the surrounding counties of Pennsylvania. They soon opened a country store where they sold all of their products and started a delivery service where they would bring the goods right to your doorstep. Soon after, another dairy business started called Galliker's Dairy Company and they eventually bought Golden Rule from the Detwiler family. Galliker's is still successful today and we use the very same dairy mix from Golden Rule and Galliker's to make our delicious ice cream and milkshakes! 

We hope to see you soon! 


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